Step 1

Open the ‘Notes’ App from your iPad.

Step 2

Place the cursor where you want to enter data.


Step 3

Hold the CHS about 4 inches (10 cm) from the barcode and press and hold the trigger button. An aiming beam will appear for 3 seconds. Keep your hand steady while scanning.

* After data is read and sent to the Apple device, by default, the CHS will beep once and vibrate, the LED will flash green, and the beam will turn off. 

* A double click on the Scanner’s power button will suspend barcode scanning and will allow you to use the mobile device keyboard.


Step 4

If the above procedures were performed correctly, the scanned code should appear on the line where the cursor was blinking. If no code appeared, then follow the steps in page 9 and repeat the steps from page 4.


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