Step 1  
Next, Create a new Invoice in OIS Central.
Click on the Plus sign icon next to the Invoices label at the home page or go to the customer tab; customers menu, Invoice, New Invoice.
Step 2  
This is how the invoice screen will look like.
Step 3  
Create an invoice
1- Select a customer from the Company field.
2- Add the products in the Items tab section.
3- Click on the save button.
Step 4  
Make sure that the Process Status field is changed to “Invoiced” to flag the invoice that needs to be synchronized to QuickBooks Online.
Step 5  
Go back to the OIS Connect website and click on the synchronize icon selected in RED to synchronize all the invoices flagged in OIS Central to be synchronized with QuickBooks Online.
Step 6  
When the synchronization is complete; it will display the following confirmation message.
Step 7  
Next, validate in QuickBooks Online the invoices that have been synchronized.

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