The customers module allows us to have quick access to all the customers we have stored in our data base and also to orders, credits, bills and payments of our customers.

In the Home screen we can find the list of customers in alphabetical order, also there is a search bar that helps us to find a customer or customers easily.


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In the Customer module Tab we have shortcuts to the options that are used frequently within this module.


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With this Tab we can have instant access from any screen that we want, either to the Customers or the Main customer page, view and make Orders, make and view Invoices, add and view Credits, and to see or add Payments.


Customer Menu

Within the Customer module we also have the Customer Menu, which allows you access all options for our customers.


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Customers  – Access to the customers.

Orders – Here we can see and make orders

Invoices – Here we can see and make bills.

Credits – Here we can see and make credits.

Payments – Here we see and make payments.

Activities – Here we can see and organize sales activities.

Calling List – Shows a list of clients who must call either to verify orders or orders.

New Calling List – You can create a new list called, to organize so that clients call you for any reason.

Group Pricing – Groups prices we have given to our clients shows us (special pricing, discounts, etc.).

New Group Price – It allows us to a new group of prices for discount or for customers with special prices.