Existing Customer Questions

Can I connect and synchronize over a wireless data network?

Yes. You will need to get wireless data service from any wireless data provider. Some providers, like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon sell converged devices that are voice phones with a built-in Windows Mobile.

What if I don’t have a connection can I still work ?

Yes, Data is maintained locally on the mobile device or tablet. You can work independently and synchronize when you are able to establish a connection.

What is OIS iMobile?

OIS iMobile is the next generation software (iPad/iPhone/Android) for sales force automation, van sales, store calls, merchandising and in-store audits.

Pre Sale Questions

Is Bar Code scanning supported?

Yes, You can scan bar codes to add inventory items to orders or scan customer codes to quickly find customer record

MIS iMobile Customer Questions

How do I setup a printer on MIS iMobile?

Refer to our post, “Printers”.

How do I create an order on MIS iMobile?

Select a customer, and tap on start call. From the activity screen select “Create suggested order” and add items accordingly to save and send the order.

What does synchronize means?

To Synchronize in OIS means, to send to the office the activities or store calls for customers visited or download to your device useful information your central office has made available for sales rep.

How do I Synchronize?

To Synchronize in OIS, tap on the synchronize button, enter your username and password when prompted, tap on login. At this point, mark the options to synchronize and hit start when ready.

I can’t see any documents on the documents folder

The documents will not show until synchronization is done with the option “Documents” marked for synchronization. If you have already synchronized with this option, select tools from the menu and tap on “Check documents and catalog” to synchronize them again. This will also download any Planograms in case they are not seen.

I deleted my database and synchronized after that; why I can’t see my routes anymore?

The routes will be deleted in the event they were Temporary Routes. If they were Permanent, they are synchronized to the server which means you will get them back when you synchronize.

Can I update MIS without losing my information?

MIS can be updated without you having to lose any information. In case you still want to send a copy of your information, you can do so by going to Support –> E-mail Database. This way, OIS Support will have a copy of the data.

My inventory is not correct, what do I do?

If your inventory has been confirmed as inaccurate and the DM was not able to adjust it, you can try adjusting it by resetting it to match the server values. This can be done by selecting Inventory > Reset & Re-download Inventory. It may be needed to synchronize after this. If upon synchronizing the error is still not corrected, contact OIS Support.

Can I edit a survey after it has been synchronized?

A survey can be edited after being sent if it is listed as AdHoc. You can edit the survey by going into the same store you want to edit and open the same survey you want to edit. Once you are on it, you can select the values that are wrong and correct them, or you can also delete them and start the survey again. In case of any doubt, please contact OIS Support.