Step 1


Go to following webpage.


Step 2


Click on the customers Tab.





Step 3


Click on import customers under customer Menu.



Step 4


Click on ‘choose file’ and browse to the excel file that contains the list of customers.


choose excel file



Step 5


Choose the excel file with the customer list excel, click open then click next to continue.





Step 6


Match the fields available from each of the drop downs and click next when ready.

In the excel file , you can include account number, item number company, address or any of the ones below, but they will need to be associated in this area, since the header can have a different name in the excel, such as contact, if you have for example cell phone in your excel, you would need to go to contact drop down menu and select cell phone, so it picks up that information and place it in the contact field.






Step 7


You can download the results to cross check the customers’ import.