Step 1

Download and install OIS iMobile by going to the App Store icon on the iPad / iPhone.


Step 2 

The application can be looked up by entering: “ois imobile” in the search field, once found, you will get a screen similar to the following:


Step 3

To download the application, just tap on “install”, once the application is installed, the screen will show the word “Open”, as follows:


Step 4

Once the application is open, you will get the Setup Wizard, which will give you customizable options for you to set up the application, as well at this point, you will need to have the Account Number we provide, as well as the Username and Password needed for Synchronization. For the manual, we will be using the Demonstration Login information.


Note: If you are testing the system or don’t have yet any username or password, you can also refer to the Demonstration information as the system offers in the option “Use Demo”, it will enter the account number automatically, and at the end of the set up screens, it will show you the username and the password for the demo account.


Step 5

From the Setup Wizard screen, enter the Account number provided or tap on “Use Demo”, after that, you will need to tap on “Next”.


Step 6

If you do not know the account information, you can contact our tech support department. If the account   number is correctly entered, the system will display the message “Account updated”. After that, you will be given the options for Setting up the Customer Template to On or Off; as well as Check Inventory and Number Keypad.


Step 7

After the selections have been made, we will be getting a confirmation screen, notifying the setup is completed. In this case because it is the demo version, it will show the username and the password, as well it will show the contact information for OIS Technical Support and also for the Customer Service department.


Step 8

From the setup completion screen, we can go ahead and synchronize for the first time. For this we will need the username and password provided during the initial setup with Technical Support.

* Don’t forget to checkout our video tutorial post called “OIS iMobile install and initial setup“.


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