Step 1

Double click the OIS connect shortcut icon from the desktop and right click on the red icon in the lower right corner of the windows task bar and click on Settings.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.15.43 AM



Step 2

In the General tab, on the Select Application field, select the program you are using.




Step 3

Under “Data File” make sure to put the correct path for data file of your company.




Step 4

For the “Login“, please contact our help desk at 516-321-4111, so that we can fill out the credentials.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.59.42 AM


* The next parameters under the this tab are preconfigured and must not be changed.


Step 5

Click on the Schedule tab, then select how often it should synchronize in the section specified as Every X Minutes.

Start Time. Enter the time OIS Connect will start synchronizing your orders.

End Time.  Enter the time OIS Connect will end synchronizing your orders.

EnabledActivates or disables the OIS Connect sync process. In the example of the picture, if the sync is enabled, then the OIS Connect will start synchronizing from 6:00am trough 10:00Opm (22:00)  and it will send the orders every 15 minutes.




Step 6

Under the config tab, make sure to select the options that will help you configure the OIS synchronization appropriate to your accounting system.



  1. Select whether you will want to receive orders or invoices to your accounting system
  2. Select what type of numbering you would like to be assigned to the orders/ Invoices that are received on your accounting system.
    • Auto – Orders/Invoices take the accounting system’s numbering as soon as they are synchronized in ois connect.
    • OIS iMobile Request #: Order/ Invoice numbers will be taken from the numbers generated from the mobile device. You can specify a custom Order number prefix. Example. Mobile user1 can have prefix on the order as USR1+order number
    • OIS order #: will have OIS automatically assign order/invoice numbers
  3. Number Prefix: All orders/ Invoices will have the general prefix specified in this field
  4. Mark New Invoices as Pending: New invoices will have a status of pending in your accounting system
  5. Sync Open Invoices: Enable if you would like to have open invoices from your accounting system be synchronized to OIS which can then be seen on the mobile devices so that sales reps can make payments from the mobile device.
  6. Primary Company Name: Synchronizes the Customer’s Company name
  7. Secondary Company: Synchronizes any Secondary customer name
  8. Account Number: Synchronizes the customers’ account number from your accounting system.
  9. Use shipping address: Sales rep will see shipping address instead of billing address.
  10. Address 1: Specifies on which line OIS will take the street address from your customers address info.
  11. Address 2: specifies on which line OIS will take the zip code from your customers address info.
  12. Sync Assembly items: Enable to synchronize assembly items
  13. Sync service items: Enable to Synchronize service items
  14. Sync Inventory sites: enable to synchronize inventory locations from your accounting system.