By clicking on this icon, you can have access to the list of all your customers. You can find them by account#, name, address, city, phone, zip code, ref#.

Route Manager:image1007201310

Here is where you can create temporary routes (which are used only once and will be deleted after using them) or you can create permanent routes.

New Order:image1007201311

You can place new orders using this option; at the top right hand corner you can find the menu to place the orders.

New Credit:image1007201312

You can use this option to run credits for your customers; you can use the menu at the top right corner
that will help you complete them.


This feature is used to synchronize all customers, products, templates, prices, and orders once the proper information has been entered, as described above at the beginning of this manual.


Allows you to find information about orders and credits, and you can filter your search by completing the fields, such as date and search for.


Allows you to find the different products using various options such as category, code, name, and UPC Code.


Allows you to Clock-In and Clock-Out at the beginning and at the end of the day so that you can use it as a time card.


Allows you to check any messages sent to you by the central office, to inform you about offers, customers, it can be sent to one rep or multiple reps at the same time.


Allows you to create various reports, for example, sales made in certain period of time, other reports stored by the company.


Enables the possibility to share files to your mobile representatives, the document can be inserted via OIS Central, and upon synchronizing, will be available to the reps.


Any videos shared by the company can be seen here, they can be instructional videos about the application or about the procedures, depending on the custom settings.


This feature can be used to create and trace routes. It contains a handy map, and by using the menu at the top right hand corner, you can get your current location, get directions, and user markers for an easy guidance.


The OIS program also contains this easy to use calculator to use at any time by clicking the icon showed at the left.


This option contains useful tools for you to change your password, re-download documents, delete database, delete database and configuration and restart OIS.


The option for you to be able to contact the support department, if you would like to connect remotely, chat, request a callback, or send the database to us.

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