Listed below, are the different options found in OIS iMobile.


By clicking on this icon you can have access to the list of all your customers. You can find them by account #, name, address, city, phone, zip code, ref#.




Here is where you can create temporary routes which are used only once and will be  deleted after using them), or you can create  permanent routes.





You can place new orders using this option, at the top right hand corner you can find the menu to place the orders.




You can use this option to run credits for customers, you can use the menu at the top right corner that will help you complete them.




Allows you to find information about orders and credits, and you can customize your search by completing the fields, such as date and search for.




Allows you to find the different products using various options such as category, code, name, and UPC code.




Creates a report for the sales made on the dates selected , start date/ end date, once you select the dates , click on generate to see the information




You can create and trace routes using this feature, which contains a handy map, and by using the menu at the top rigth hand corner , you can  get your current location, get directions, and use markers for an easy guidance .




The program also contains this easy to use calculator to use at any time by clicking the icon showed at the left.




This option will let you delete the database for orders not synchronized, old orders and OIS iMobile’s configuration.




This feature is used to synchronize all customers, products, templates prices and orders once the proper information has been entered, as described above at the beginning of this manual.