Sales Tip! – How To Reduce Invoicing Human Error!

Business Sales Tips!

Learn How To Reduce Invoicing Human Error

Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers; this video will show you some great tips on how to reduce human errors while invoicing.

A Great example is “Unpaid invoices”
This is a BIG Impact! to any company’s income. Un-collected money for open invoices is a critical task for any company’s cash-flow.

It is important for all companies to have the right processes and systems in place to collect payments for all invoices. Your systems needs to at least be able to track: Who owes you money (Open Invoices), Customer Credit Limits, Payment Terms, 30/60/90 Days Open Invoice Reports for the Accounts Receivable Department.

Orders In Seconds has a Mobile-Cloud Solution that can help your sales reps and the main office with this process and much more.

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