Click on Edit at top to create a new Route Name or Edit Existing Route Names, this is only when you need to modify the name or create a new entry. This will not edit the actual customers that are done on Screen 5. Or after you click on a Route and then click on the Edit button on the next screen where all the customers are (Screen5).



This comes up after you click on Edit at top from screen1. You will now see a button at the bottom to add a New Route. If you click on the existing ones at top it will let you edit the existing name.




Enter here the new route name if the route is going to be permanent, then change the R/Type option. Temporary routes are those that are used only a few times and then deleted  or never used again. Click on Save to go to screen 4




Either enter the account numbers or click on the Search to find new customers. The customers will be added in the order in which they are selected. The selections will be highlighted as they are being slected. Click “done” to save new routes/ customers.




Route listing with customers. To edit customer list, click on Edit at top which will put you back on Screen4.