You can set a group of customers with discounts to a list of products for a certain amount of time or for an undefined period of time. This is called group Pricing.

In OIS Central Group Pricing is set as follows:

Step 1

From your web browser (Internet Explorer or Chrome) access and log in with the username and password provided to you.


OISCentral Login Page


Step 2

Start creating a new group price by clicking on the “Customer” tab, then click on  “Customer Menu“, then click on “New Group Price“.

 New groupPrice

Step 3

Enter a name to the group price and start adding customers by selecting the customer from the Customer’s dropdown, click the “add” button, then hit “Save” after selecting the customers.



Step 4

To add the products that will have a discount for this group of customers, click on “Non Discounted Items“. This tab will display the list of products that you will choose from and set the discounted price for them.

There are two ways to set a discounted price for the items.


This option will allow you to set a discounted price for a selected amount of items. It will also allow you to set a specific discounted price for all items that have been selected or a percent discounted price for the items that you have selected. You can set a date period of when the prices will apply. Click on “update all” or “update selected“.


This option will allow you to update a specific item with it’s own discounted price. Enter the item code and set the new price and a date period if needed. Click on “Discount“.

NondiscountedItems tab

Step 5

The product or group of products that were given a discounted price will now be found under the tab “Discounted items“.


Step 6

Click on “Save” to save your settings.

Step 7

You can now synchronize in OIS iMobile for changes to take effect. After synchronization is complete you will notice that after selecting a customer and a product that has been included on a group price, the discounted price will be applied.