To use OIS/MIS iMobile you must pair the scanner with the iPad following the below procedures:


*You only need to pair the CHS (Cordless Hand Scanner) with your Apple device the first time you try to connect.

*The CHS must be in HID (Human Interface Device) mode to be paired with the device. By default, the CHS is in HID mode for Keyboard devices so you can omit this step if your CHS device is new. Refer to Restore factory defaults for more help on last page.

Step 1

Power on the CHS. Press and hold the small power button until the LED turns blue and the CHS beeps twice


*The LED blinks blue once per second to show that the Bluetooth radio is on but not connected

Step 2

On your iPad/ iPhone device start a Bluetooth device search.

iOS: Tap Settings | General | Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth. A Bluetooth device search will begin.


Step 3

In the device list, tap on Socket CHS 7x or Socket 7Xi. Tap Pair.


*In the device list, the CHS will appear as Socket CHS 7x [xxxxxx]. The characters in brackets are the last six characters of the CHS Bluetooth Device Address (BDA), which is labeled inside the battery compartment.

Step 4

The CHS will connect to the Apple device. If prompted, enter the passkey 0000 (four zeroes).

*The CHS will beep once after it has connected and is ready to scan barcodes. The LED will also blink blue once every 3 seconds.


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