One of the newest additions to the software includes the possibility of contacting the Technical Support Department for any inconsistency or issue encountered.

Options include, starting a chat session with a co-worker that is using the app, e-mail Database, as well as requesting a Support Call back.

Remember you must include a phone number and a description of the issue in these instances so that Technical Support can effectively contact you in case of need.

Screen 1

From the OIS iMobile Menu, select the Help or Support option.



Screen 2

The e-mail database option can be used in those cases when synchronizing orders from your device is not possible. If you are e-mailing your database, a short description of the issue is required.



Screen 3

If you would prefer a callback for the issue you are experiencing, it is recommended to e-mail the database and then send a Support request call back, so that Technical Support can contact you. Please make sure to include your contact information, as well as a good callback number where a technician can reach you.




If you still need to call us, you can always do so at 516-321-4111.