Step 1

From OIS Main Screen, tap on Synchronize. Enter username and password provided. Upon entering them, you will see a checklist of options; you will need to check what you would like to synchronize: Orders, Customers, Prices, etc


  • By default, OIS will be synchronizing Customers, Orders and Products. If there are any extra documents you want to synchronize, you can enable them on the checklist, please note at for synchronizing documents, you may need to be connected via Wi-Fi as it may need to download multiple files, depending on your company’s settings.
  • Additionally, a Catalog may be synchronized if the company uses it for displaying products to customers. It is always recommended to choose the option to show the log as it will display the progress of the synchronization, as well as any error messages the synchronization might find. Re-Download deletes everything you have synced to the iPad and downloads the whole database again.

Step 2

Once you have selected your settings, tap on “Start” to be able to synchronize, if this option is not selected, you will not be synchronizing, just logging in to be able to synchronize


Step 3

If there are any pending activities (orders, invoices, payments, etc.) they will be listed on the “Pending” option of the menu, as well as the synchronization log can be accessed through the “Log” option.